Valentine’s Day 2016


I just noticed I haven’t finished writing about my trip to Hawaii, I promise I’ll get to that later this week. Speaking of promises, after doing nothing but playing with my new sewing projects these last 10 days since I’ve been back, I think I used the word “promise” when I told FJ I would clean the house this weekend. Hmmmm.  Well, yesterday our contractor came over mid-morning to show us the drawn plans for our new garage addition and so I lost my momentum to get started for the deep cleaning I had imagined doing.  And today, oh well, it’s Valentines Day, and just doesn’t seem appropriate somehow.  So instead I made chili cheese omelettes for breakfast (hubby now content 😀) and while still in pjs, have started quilting this cute flimsy made by my DIL. She has mailed me 3 tops to quilt for her.

FJ is taking me to dinner tonight….secret destination. But he promises it’s not McDonalds so that’ll be worth getting dressed for.  Maybe tomorrow I can get up in time to go to Yoga and then be all revved up to clean house after.

P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing Maggie Smith’s movie The Lady in the Van when it comes to the The Panida in a few weeks.  Here’s some of her advice I rather like. Hehee




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