Monthly Archives: July 2015

Wood Delivery Yesterday


Although our wood shed is full with 2 cords of Red Pine and Cedar, FJ decided to take advantage of a good price for a truckload of fresh cut Birch.  This should give us about 10 additional cords and will be dry enough to use this winter should it be a nasty one.  FJ thought ( with just a little coaxing from JS) that a brand new chain saw (on sale) would be worthwhile too. Hopefully, a trip to ER won’t be factoring into our winter preparations, but I do see sore muscles on the horizon.


My winter preparation will be to start a new quilt (of course).  This will be a scrappy quilt with potentially over 100 different fabrics.  I have chosen NOT to calculate how many 8 inch squares are needed for a king size bed, at least until I have many more blocks completed.  Remember I didn’t say specifically WHICH winter.


Dinner at the Sis’s tonight.  I’m bringing pie!

Happy 4th of July!