Daily Archives: June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers Day For FJ


Our lives have just changed forever.  FJ has always dreamed of having acreage and a dog or two and yesterday, Fathers Day, his wish came true. We rescued two shelter dogs:  Dottie, a 2yr old Austrailian cattle dog, white with brown spots, and Rocky, a year old Boston Terrier/cattle dog mix, brown with white chest and socks.  Admittedly, I am not much for pets (taking care of FJ is time consuming enough) so this is a bit of a stressful transition that hubby is trying to ease me through.  Normally a late sleeper, he even set his alarm for 5am to let the dogs out this morning, but when he came back to bed was too excited to fall back to sleep so showered, dressed and began his day.  And normally I am the early riser and LOVE having an hour or two “alone time” so I’m feeling a little cheated. Eventually I think I’ll be able to suggest I let the dogs out when I waken but for now it’s pretty amazing watching this new person….FJ on a bicycle at 8am?  No one that knows him would believe it without a photo.

image image