Monthly Archives: May 2015

First Rain


Our first rainy day since moving into our new home.  I miss the old days before double-panned windows and heavy insulation when you could sit and listen to the rain dancing on the roof top.  But we have great views from every window and everything is glistening from the moisture, and the green everywhere is even more vibrant against the gray sky.


Yesterday Sis and I learned how to make “accidental landscapes” from scrapes of fabrics sewn together.  There were 24 ladies in all and each created a unique design from their personal stash or fabric swaps. It was a lot of fun and gave me another creative avenue for using some of the scraps I’m accumulating.  Sis and I designed night scenes.  Her’s with a very starry sky and mine with Northern Lights (which someday I hope to see in person).  Aren’t they beautiful?