Monthly Archives: April 2015

Brass Polish


 A vague memory kept trying to surface all the while I was polishing these brass do-hickeys.  And then I remembered those months, 35 or so years ago, polishing the brass each evening in the bar of the pizza parlor where I had worked.  I’ve polished 65 of these now in the house we are fixing up to rent out.  Have another 20 to go in the adjacent studio apartment.  My hands and fingers are so stiff and sore, I may not be able to work on my cross stitch sampler tonight while watching Revenge. Not!

Cabinets looking almost as good as new.



Twirl Block No 1


Starting my third quilt top since we’ve been in CA.  This is called Twirl by Fig Tree & Co and I’m using a Jelly roll collection of fabrics called Somerset.  Hard to believe we’ve been here 5 weeks already.  Today we have a new roof going up overhead, appliances being installed in the kitchen and the patio wall outside our apt. repaired.  Sounds like a war zone.

Focusing on matching seams and corners as I sew and listening to easy rock seems to be the best way to stay out of the way.  And that’s fine by me.

Twirl by Fig Tree & Co