Here’s to a new beginning.


Ok, so here we go.  It seems so intimidating looking at this blank screen.  I’ve had this wonderful gift of a blog just waiting for me to get around to it.  So now that I’m newly retired, it time!

FB and I took to the road in August to find that perfect place to live out our GOLDEN YEARS.  Yikes!   So I would like to create a journal of the things I will now be getting around to doing.  Any one that knows me knows that I always have several projects going (and a great many – too many – that are still a work in process).  Some time ago, I inherited this flimsy, the creator unknown. It was pieced largely by hand and my best guess is that it’s about 40-50 yrs. old.  I needed a lap project while traveling and felt it deserved the respect of being hand quilted, so I basted it together with batting and backing and finished 3 months later when we got back home. To our old home that is, because we fell in love with what will be our new home in Idaho.


Antique Quilt #2a  12-2014 hand quilted








Antique Quilt #2  12-2014 hand quilted

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